and it feels so right…

Bromance moments in the video of ‘Little Things’

vou dar esse meu tumblr para uma amiga minha Stella

talvez entre aqui de vez em quando.. estou dando o meu tumblr para ela pq não quero ver meu tumblr parado e ela é potterhead tanto quanto eu e ela domina o photoshop e é mais legal, vcs vão gostar dela.


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“One thing a girl has to have is a good sense of a humor. I’m a really laid back guy who can find humor in just about anything, so my girlfriend would need to be a little like that too. She doesn’t have to be a big jokester, but to me finding humor in things and not taking too much too seriously is a way of enjoying life, so that is important to me.”

Anonymous asked:
"Joga RPG?"

jogava um no insta, mas parei, troço chato! pqp

Anonymous asked:
"qual programa você usa pra editar fotos? obg x"

photoshop cs5